Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's not often that I get a sketch by an artist twice in my sketch book, but knowing how much I loved the last sketch David Quiles did for me, I had to get another from him. This time he drew Lady Nimue, one of the villains from SENTINELS Book 2: Masks. I really love his rendition of her. She looks so dark and creepy. And he even drew a few of the demons in there with her.
David has worked on such titles as BAREKNUCKLED FIGHTER and THE UNTITLED. You can see more of David's work at and .


jamie said...

this is great rich!! he did a madelyne pryor for me that looks grewat too!! david is a great guy!

Hellstormer said...

This is quite possibly my favorite sketch you've gotten so far. She looks so evil and menacing. Reminds me of the Toothfairy from Darkness Falls.

Rey said...

Here's a first; I'm gonna agree with Hellstormer,(lol) this is my fave so far as well. I love this guy's style.

Rich B. said...

Now that you mention it, Keefer, she does remind me of Darkness Falls. Creepy. lol.
Yeah, I was very happy with this sketch. David never fails to deliver.