Saturday, April 10, 2010


Let the buzz begin! Just in time for this year's Pittsburgh Comicon we'll be releasing a super funny humor book called COMICON ON MONSTER ISLAND. It's a joint effort between Drumfish Productions (myself, Jamie Fay and Rey Arzeno), Luchador Enterprises (Al Dorantes) and Space Monkey (Kristin Ross and Mikey Woods). We did this book specifically for the Pittsburgh Comicon and hope people will like it. We all met at the Pitts Con, so it's kind of nice to finally all be doing something together. We talked about doing this a few times, but this year it looks like we finally made it happen. If you're in the area or plan to attend the Pittsburgh Comicon from April 23 - 25, stop by and pick up the book! (I'm sure we'll have copies to sell to anyone who can't make it, just ask!). This cool map was done by Mikey Woods as promo for the convention. Gotta love it!


Bob said...

I look forward to this. Jut hpe nothing changes until now and the Syaturday of the show.

Rich B. said...

Me too! Feels like years since we saw you last, Bob!

Bob said...

haha well at least 2 years