Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Throughout 2009, I decided to focus on my art and I did my "Sketch A Day" project (see all the posts here on the blog from 2009, lol). I had been inspired by my good friend and one of the artists on the SENTINELS Anthology, Andrew Charipar, to do a sketch book because I always admired how he did one every year. Well, our roles have been flipped this year and he tells me now that I've inspired him to do a sketch every day this year, lol. So far, he's off to an amazing start. He's knocking every drawing out of the park and even doing them in color. He asked if he could tackle some SENTINELS and/or NEVERMINDS characters and I'm really excited to see him them. He just did this excellent sketch of Rapture from SENTINELS. I love it and I'm honored he's including me in his list of characters he wants to draw. Please check out Andrew blog to see more of his art (I've put a few under this entry to see also!). Thanks, Andrew!


Noel said...

these are awesome! thanks for posting. i love his art

Rich B. said...

Me too! I never tire seeing his work. :)