Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Our second Drumfish Productions Art Contest on Deviant Art has officially ended!
We really can’t express how happy and proud we are of all the entries that were submitted.

For our first contest, we had 8 entries submitted. For this second one we had a whopping 24 entries! Unbelievable!!!
All of the artists made us feel so great with their work and before we announce the winner, I thought it would be nice to show all the entries here on the blog. Each and every entry was amazing and each of them showed something special to us. I think about each of the artists who submitted and I want to thank them all for their time and dedication. I know how hard it is to sit at your drawing table and begin creating on a blank piece of paper or look at a blank screen on the computer and begin to design. It’s tough! But each entry showed what true artists they all are.

It was great to see others become inspired by our characters and have fun with them. We are truly impressed by all of them and each of them have, in turn, inspired us to be better creators and artists!

Deviant Art is a great place for artists of all levels to interact. We are the past, present and future of creators there and can all learn from each other. If you’re a creator and not on Deviant Art, you should be!

Soon, we will announce the winners of the contest (as soon as we have all finished voting, it’s a tough choice with all these great entries!) and we will then contact all participants and post the winners! HUGE thanks to all the artists who entered. We hope they had fun! See all the entries below this post!

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