Friday, April 13, 2012


Gearing up for this year's convention season (which starts next week for me, 4/20/12) I decided that since I have so many new things to sell (books, figurines, prints and original art) that I wanted to give an entirely new look to my table. A quick way to do that is to get a new banner made, so I tried to come up with something quickly and asked Luciano Vecchio to color it for me. I decided to draw a character from one of my own comics instead of a big name character and I picked Templar from SENTINELS (in his redesigned colors by Luciano). But although Luciano's colors blew me away and he made my art look sooooo much better, I still was not quite wild about the art I had done. I decided to hold off on the banner for right now and really spend time on it and do something I truly love. Sometimes it doesn't pay to rush. I definitely love Lucaino's colors on this though. He can do no wrong! Thanks for helping me out, Luciano! I still wanted to share this with people so they can see how awesome Luciano at coloring too.

Templar and Sentinels (c) Drumfish Prioductions

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