Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It looks like we have a winner!
I'm very proud to announce that the next SENTINELS character to become a figurine will be.....SPLASH!
Winning by a very large margin from the totals here on the blog, on the Drumfish Production Facebook page and on Deviant Art, it was obvious early on that Splash attracted a lot of interest. She'll make a beautiful looking figurine for sure. That's not to say that Phazer, Electron and Harlette didn't have their fans and supporters. And we truly hope we get to do one of those characters next. But for now, it's been decided and we'll be submitting Splash for sculpting early next year along with Nina from NEVERMINDS. I know both figurines are going to be amazing! We appreciate everyone's support and encouragement and we'll be showing off pictures as soon as we get them! Thanks, everyone! And special thanks to Luciano Vecchio for designing all the choices for the poll!

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