Thursday, March 28, 2013


Back in 2005, when we had just published SENTINELS Book 2: Masks, Dave Ryan asked me if I was interested in being part of his mega-crossover "War of the Independents". I immediately said yes and Templar appeared (in his SENTINELS Book 2 look) in issue one of "War of the Independents" in the huge group shot of the issue. Fast forward a bit and we completed the SENTINELS series, but Templar hadn't yet made another appearance in "War of the Independents". I spoke with Dave and he reported that he was scheduled to appear in issue #6 (issue #3 was the latest to come out). Then this promo image appeared online and it was very cool to see Templar (now in his SENTINELS Book 4 look) on the image. He can be seen near the bottom of the page with his sword over the "R" in the word "WAR".
Dave decided to do a "Who's Who" in the "War of the Independents" and Luciano Vecchio and I decided to use the re-visioned colors for Templar's entry here.
These bio pages for the "Who's Who" have inspired me to update all of the Drumfish characters in a similar style for the new Drumfish Productions website we're working on.  More soon!! 

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