Monday, April 28, 2014


This is very late, but I've been crazy busy the last two weeks that I completely forgot to mention Awesome Con and thank all of our friends and all of the great people we met there. Big thanks to Noel Short for his help at our table and Eric Menge for having me speak on his panel about collaborating with artists. It was great to see Howie Noeldechen and celebrate his 80th birthday with him and Shelley Noeldechen. It's also always great to see Penelope Rivera Gaylord, Bryan Turner, Art of Josh C Lyman, Donna Derani and Brian Jausurawong and so many others! And even though we had a rough start due to a problem with the table next to us, we ended up having a great show. Thanks also goes to all the new people we met. It's your support that gets us through those tough convention days! And Awesome Con now holds the record for most Drumfish Productions figurines sold!  I hope everyone else had a great show!

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