Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We're really proud to announce that Drumfish Productions original graphic novel, BUGGED is available for digital download on Comixology for only 3.99! Written by me (Rich Bernatovech) and drawn by Teyo, BUGGED tells the story of unpopular and misunderstood Felix Herbert and how his life changes drastically when he discovers, through a talking roach named Bob, that he has the ability to see the evils that others have committed. Bob convinces Felix that he must use his new powers to right the wrongs of others and enact vengeance on them! This twisted, dark tale asks the question - Will Felix be paying you a visit? 
The book is 96 pages and full color and we're hoping it will make Comixology's best sellers list just like NEVERMINDS did last month! If you've already read the book and enjoyed it, please rate BUGGED on the Comixology website. It's helps us get attention to the book! Thanks!!!

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