Monday, October 6, 2008


Here's another sketch of Jesse by the talented Rey Arzeno. This time he used orange for the sword. I think I'm still leaning more to the purple or green though. The star tattoos represent the "sisters" who protected him in SENTINELS Book 4 and there is a star for each one. I kind of like that idea. Also noticed the jacket that is a homage to the costume Luciano originally had him in. Of course, we're still just playing around with ideas. I'll start posting some Nevermind previews next.


Anonymous said...

I definitely like the purple the most and I think the tatoos should glow kinda like how the GL symbol glows in the recent GL commics (it kinda hover in front). The jacket is a great idea and I would love to see him bust out the older dart/blow gun. What's up with the necklace? It look an awful like the Templar treasures.

Rich B. said...

I agree with you and like the purple best so far. The jacket is just an idea. I'm not totally sold on it yet. As for the dart/blow gun, who knows, it could come in useful. I'll have to let Rey answer about the necklace. But you're right, it does remind me of the Templar treasures. :)