Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been in my new place about 5 days now and I'm just starting to feel settled. It took a while to get all the boxes and stuff away and in the right place, but I'm pretty close to being done now. Mostly it's just hanging pictures and throwing out stuff I no longer need. It feels really good to be in a new atmosphere. As I said before, I'm a little behind in my "sketch a day" schedule, but will pick up soon. I hope to scan a few tomorrow.
Last week I showed some preview sketches for a new book I'm working on with Teyo. I know it was April 1st when I posted it (April Fool's Day) but I wasn't kidding about it. Even though I said that in my post, lol, some people still didn't believe me. It's real though. I'm posting another sketch along with this entry.
I also wanted to post a colored version of the sketch I did of Alanis from NEVERMINDS last week. It was colored by none other than Rey Arzeno, the colorist on NEVERMINDS. Thanks, Rey! Now get back to coloring the book! lol, whip! Seriously though, it's cool to see how my design for Alanis will look. As I said before, all three of us (Jamie, Rey and I) are doing a design on Alanis's dress that will appear in the book. Little things like that only add to the overall book I think. :)


Jamie said...

really cool colors! this turned out great!!!

Rich B. said...

Yeah, rey did a great job. :)