Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I figured the first of this month was a good time to talk about another project I'm working on. I know it's April Fool's Day, but this isn't a joke, lol. In addition to NEVERMINDS, by the end of the year I hope to released another OGN from Drumfish Productions tentatively called ROACH. So, what is ROACH? It's something different from Drumfish. It's not superheroes. It's probably one of the darker things I've written, yet also has a lot of comedy in it. The artist and co-creator on ROACH is the talented, Teyo, who drew Templar's story in the SENTINELS Anthology. Teyo is one of my favorite artists and I am extremely happy to be working with him on this. Just looking at the preview sketches with this post, you can see what I'm talking about. I think he has the perfect style for the story. I'm excited to get this out there! And what's it all about? Well, for now, all I will say is it involves a talking roach named Bob who befriends a teenager. From there it's a wild ride, lol. Of course I'll keep posting previews as we go, but for now I just wanted to start getting the word out there. Thoughts?


Hellstormer said...

This look really different. I'm excited to here more.

Guess you're sticking with the title ROACH then?

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Keefer. I will keep posting stuff as I can and tell you more about it soon.
I'm really not sure about the title, which is a little weird for me. I can usually get a title for something very easily. For now though, I'm just referring to it as "Roach", lol.

Jamie said...

i wanna see more complete panels or pics!

Rich B. said...

I'll be posting more soon, Jamie. :)

Noel said...

I am so excited about this project Rich, It's so different.
I kinda like the name "Roach"

I thought Teyo's art stood out as the most original in the Anthology. and one of the deepest stories in the book. I'm eager to see more of his work.

It's not your typical comic book style, but i have a feeling a story about a talking Roach is not going to be your typical comic book.
I cant wait to see more of this? when do you expect to be done?