Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This past weekend's Pittsburgh Comic Con was a blast! I travel up there with Jamie Fay and Rey Arzeno on Thursday. It was a looooong drive, that I had to do by myself, but we got there in one piece. Thursday night, our buddy, Al Dorantes, had his usual party for his company Lucador Enterprises. Al's a great guy and always invites everyone to stop by. This year, he and Glenn Barbis had a new art project for everyone. In effort to help raise money for the Saturday night "Make-A-Wish" charity auction, Al and Glenn bought a ton of white plates and had permanent markers there for everyone to draw one (some people did more then one, lol). There were a lot of great pieces of art created. Jamie and Rey's plates sold for quite a bit at the auction. And Jamie even got to draw on the special Stan Lee autographed plate that was auctioned off for a few hundred.

Friday at the Con was a little slow for me, but Jamie and Rey were both drawing like crazy and had a ton of commissions. Also, Jamie did the artwork for the back cover of the convention program, so tons of people were getting him to sign it there. Friday night was a fun night out at the bar catching up with old friends and new ones. The highlight of which was everyone gathering around playing raunchy rounds of photo hunt, lol. I laughed way too hard and my face actually hurt. I blame Rob Reilly and Lauren Perry for that. And Sean McKeever was a riot too. I'm ashamed to admit how well we did on certain games, lol.

Saturday was a good day as the crowd was huge due to Stan Lee being there. Lots of new folks and I sold a good amount of Sentinels as well as a bunch of my sketches. Who'd have thought people would buy sketches of mine? lol. But they did. Jamie was presented with an autographed copy of the program signed by Stan Lee. Very cool!

Saturday night was a blur and went by way to fast. A wedding party at the bar almost caused some chaos between everyone as the drunk groom and groomsmen were trying to egg us on by saying "Spiderman sucks". One look from Big Al though and they shut up.

Finally, Sunday came. Our buddy, Keefer finally showed up and we got to catch up a little. I sold a bunch of books again that day and quite a few sketches. Jamie and Rey did a few more sketches each and before we knew it, we were on the road heading home. The ride home seemed even longer then getting there, but it was all worth it when I think about how much fun we had.

Overall, the Con went really well and I'm looking forward to returning in April for the next one. We have some BIG plans for the show and I can't wait to get to work on everything! I also got a ton of GREAT sketches at the Con and will be posting them over the next month. They are truly the best bunch I've gotten and all were either super cheap or free. More soon!


Jamie said...

it was alot of fun!! hopefully, we will kick more ass in april, than we did this con!!!

Rich B. said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to April and to all the plans we have for the con. :)