Saturday, January 2, 2010


I foolishly forgot to mention that the talented Andrea Grant (MINX) was going to appear on G4's "Women of the Web" last week. How cool is it that Andrea was picked to appear on the show? Andrea does a multitude of things; models, writes poetry, has her own magazine and blog and of course is the writer and star of her own comic, MINX. Recently she started working with the equally talented Rey Arzeno for a relaunch of Minx and it got a nice spotlight in her G$ appearance. Even though the show already aired, you can check your local listings and I'm sure they're running it like a 100 times. G4 doesn't have many shows as it is, lol. Or you can see Andrea's clip here at .


Anonymous said...

That is excellent and Ray certainly does some great work!!!


Rich B. said...

Yes he does! Rey is amazing. I wish you got the chance to meet him at Pittsburgh last year.