Monday, February 1, 2010


I've been trying to remember to post more of the art I got last year at conventions. I still have a lot I haven't shown. Sorry about that! Jacob Chabot is the creator/artist on Skullboy, an Indie book aimed at kids. It's awesome. He's also working on X-Men Babies by Marvel. He's perfect for that book, lol. Jacob style is a cross between old school and animation. I really like the energy he puts into each sketch. I let him decide which of the SENTINELS he wanted to draw (he had drawn Psyched in the past) and he picked Kickback. Cool, huh? Check out more of Jacob's work at .


Jamie said...

jacob is really a=nice and talented. lol i have to post my x-baby kitty i got by him lol

Rich B. said...

Yeah, you should post more of your art. :)