Sunday, May 30, 2010


I know I haven't put much news out lately, but that doesn't mean things haven't been happening. I had to wait for a little while to announce this, but there will be some brand new SENTINELS pages brought to by myself and the ever-talented Luciano Vecchio! Our friend, Dan Sehn, who is the creator and writer of another Indie comic called ARGO 5, asked Luciano and I to contribute to his next ARGO 5 Anthology. I'm a big fan of Dan's, so I was very happy to be involved. I also enjoy a lot of the interesting characters Dan has created in his universe and had a blast writing them. And an added bonus for Luciano and I, was that Dan also wanted us to have the SENTINELS appear in the story. Now, it's only four pages, but believe me, Luciano and I crammed a lot in those four pages and I think the story turned out great (yes, it's finished, lol). I can't wait to see the book printed and read the other Indie creator's work that are involved. At this time, I'm not sure what the release date is for the book. But as soon as I find out, I'll post something. I'll also check when it's okay to post a panel or two from the story. I can say that the story fits nicely into SENTINELS continuity and takes place after SENTINELS Book 4: Hope, but before the first SENTINELS Anthology. The SENTINELS that appear are Crusher, Flare, Gospel and Phazer. There's also one other character from our series that makes an appearance and it explains a little about that character that we didn't get to show. I want to thank Dan for asking us to be involved. It was an honor to contribute to what's shaping up to be a great book. I've attached the cover of ARGO 5 first issue and you can check out more of them at . More info soon!!!!


Jamie said...

the pages i've got to see look great!!! i hope this does well :)

Marcus said...

Do the Sentinels interact with Dan's characters or is it specifically a Sentinels tale? Either way, I MUST have it!!!!

Giving up comics has been a serious drag, and this will be the fix I need. Please keep my email address handy so you can tell me once you know when it comes out please?

Noel said...

What awesome news. that is so very cool, And I cant believe it's actually done!!! Getting stuff done! I love that about you guys.
Cant wait ti see it.

Rich B. said...

Glad you liked them, Jamie! I hope the book does well too. Dan puts a lot of heart and energy into his stuff!

Hey, Marcus! Yes, the Sentinels interact with Argo 5 (Dan's team). It's Dan's book that the Sentinels are appearing in, so it's Argo 5's story. But Dan was kind enough to let us have a little fun with the Sentinels too.
Sorry to hear about the giving up comics. :( I understand how expensive they can be. But I'm really glad to hear that Sentinels was one of the books you kept and that you still plan to follow. I'll drop you a line when I know more about when the book is coming out! Hope all is well. :)

Hey, Noel. Thanks! I think it's pretty cool too, lol. It was fun working with the characters again. And yeah, it's done, but we are talking Luciano here. He's a machine and not like any other artist out there. I don't think the guy sleeps and if he does it's at the drawing board with a pencil in his hand, lol. We (Luc and I) have a pretty good collaboration system between us. I let him do his thing without directing him too much and he does the same for me. It's a give-give situation. :)