Saturday, June 5, 2010


One of the first people I met when I first attended the Pittsburgh Comicon way back in 2004 was Phil Juliano. Phil is a great guy and has collaborated a lot with fellow Indie creator, Al Dorantes. Together the two have done a number of projects including Six Pack, Dog Days and Retribution. Then Phil moved south and wasn't at the Pittsburgh Con for a few years. He concentrated on
his comic strip, Best In Show, which focused a smart-mouthed dog and his owner. (It's a great strip and it was recently picked up by one of the larger papers in Phil's
area.) Luckily, this year, Phil emerged from the woods where he was hiding and came back to Pittsburgh! It was great seeing him again and I hope he returns next year too. But I could let him get away without drawing something in my sketchbook. Way back when we first met, Phil drew all of the second generation SENTINELS (see below) so I asked him to pick one of the 3rd Gen to draw this time. I love his sketch of Psyched!! Awesome, right? Check out Phil's funny comic strip at .


Bob said...

I spoke wiht Phil at the con this year and he drew a picture of my two dogs and cats for my daughter. I love his artwork!! I hope he comes back as well. Seemed to be a real nice guy!

Rich B. said...

Yeah, Phil is great. I was really surprised to see him there. I wish I got to chat with him more than I did, but hopefully he'll be back next year. I'm not sure though, from what I heard from a lot of people, it wasn't a show that people made a lot of money at this time. They need to get some bigger name guests there to draw in the crowd.
Glad to hear you got a sketch from Phil!!!