Monday, July 19, 2010


Every now and then I realize that I need to pimp out some friends and family work that I don't do as much as I want. In case nobody noticed, I have a few blog links on here, just under the covers of the Drumfish books you see on the right of the page. They've been the same for a while and definitely need to be updated. So, I hope to change that and add some new ones (make some suggestions to me too!) and fix old links.
H.C. Noel used to have a blog, but started doing his webcomic TARA NORMAL and mostly post on his blog for that now. So, his link has changed. Check it out. It's a great webcomic!
A new addition is Eric Guerrero's blog. Eric is a friend from Deviant Art who's work I really like. I think he has a unique style that is developing nicely. His blog is dedicated to him re-focusing on his art and doing sketches and character studies. It's something I can relate to, especially since all of last year it's pretty much exactly what I did doing the "sketch a day" project.
Another new addition to my blog links is more personal. It's my sister's blog, lol. Jackie is majorly into fashion, make-up and all those kind of girlie things. She just started blogging suggestions and her favorite tips and other girl things I'm oblivious about, lol. But I love that she's doing it. (She was also Glamora in SENTINELS Book 2: Masks, lol).
In a few days I hope to post some update on all the Drumfish projects. I know it's been a while, and I hope people are still checking this out and hanging in there with us. We're working! I promise.
With this post is another headshot (Scarlet Witch) that I did and will be selling at next month's Baltimore Comicon. And to everyone going to the San Diego Comicon, have fun! It's crazy there, but totally a fun experience.


Eric Guerrero said...

Gee thanks Rich for those kind words and mention! Greatly appreciate all your support and feedback. And even though I might not be doing a sketch-a-day, you have served as great inspiration for my return (I'm getting there). I have added you to my list so I'll be sure to reading up on your blog now ;-)

Rich B. said...

Hey Eric! My pleasure, I always try to support people who's work and projects impress me. I love that you started your blog and plan to work sketch more. I look forward to seeing how you progress and grow. And thank you for the kind words too! Glad to hear I gave ya a little inspiration, lol. :)