Saturday, July 3, 2010


When I first discovered comics, one of my favorite artists was Paris Cullins and I had the chance to meet him early on as he was doing a signing at my local comic store. He drew a free sketch for me and was super nice. At the time, Paris was working on Blue Beetle and Blue Devil. I loved his animated and energetic style. His line work was very smooth and he created two great light-hearted characters that are still cherished to this day. When I saw that Paris was going to be at the Wizard World Philly Convention this year, I knew he was the one artist I wanted to get something by. Of course, lol, this being Wizard, there was no signs or floor plans that showed Paris was going to be there at all. And it wasn't until late Saturday that he showed up. Lucky for me though, he took the table right next to Drumfish. I was really thankful for that because I'm pretty sure that my sketch was the only one he did all day. And he was super nice and friendly, just as I remembered him to be when I met him many, many years ago. I decided to ask him to draw Serpenta because I felt her personality really fit his style and up-beat characters. Paris didn't disappoint! I love this sketch. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, now Paris takes money from customers and never delivers the artwork. So much for being a nice guy.