Saturday, December 31, 2011


This is my last post of the year and I wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe New Years Eve! It's been a very hard year here, but I'm thankful for all my family and friends who have continued to inspire and support me. I know a lot of this year, much of what I posted was sketches and pinups by artists of Drumfish characters, but next year promises to be much more productive. We already have a LOT of things done and I haven't been pumping them too much because I wanted to wait until they were closer to completion. So, 2012 will see more Drumfish comics out there then ever! More NEVERMINDS! The long awaited release of BUGGED! Hopefully a second SENTINELS Anthology! And the long promised webcomic written and drawn by myself. Yup, those are my resolutions and I plan to stick to them.
Happy New Year to all!!!

This awesome sketch of Alanis from NEVERMINDS was drawn as a gift for Jamie Fay by the talent Eric Guerrero (yes, the same artist who drew the Firebomb X-Mas card for me!). Go to his website and tell him to draw more, lol!!

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Noel said...

Happy New Year!!! i'm excited for you, and all your upcoming coolness.