Sunday, June 3, 2012


That pretty much sums up how the Wizard World Philly Con went for me this weekend. I shared a table with Neverminds artist, Jamie Fay, and we both had one of the best shows we ever had there! Seriously, I'm writing this after a looooong weekend when I should be in bed sleeping, but I had to thank all the amazing people we met there this year (and all of our old returning friends!). It was non-stop at the show. I sold more prints, books and art then I ever had and I did more commissions then I ever have at a show. I even have 6 more commissions to do at home! The commissioning thing is still new to me, but I have to say, I love it. On Friday (our first day there!) I almost sold out completely of all the Sentinels trades I brought! It was really crazy. We also got a LOT of interest in the first two Drumfish figurines that we are doing. Both Alanis Munroe (from Neverminds) and Firebomb (from Sentinels) were drolled over all weekend, lol. We are scheduled to get the figurines (FINALLY!!!) in about two weeks. So, for everyone that wrote me and pre-ordered the figurines, they will be here soon! I'll make a posting as soon as they arrive!!Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and supported us. It was amazing!!!!!


Crystal said...

Does my Facebook request from months ago constitute a pre-order?

Rich B. said...

Hey, Crystal! Yes, that constitutes a pre-order. I have you down. No worries! :)