Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It’s 2013! Update time and Convention schedule!

BUGGED - Finally finished and being lettered now!
SPLASH FIGURINE - Designed and sending for sculpting soon!
NINA FIGURINE - Designed and sending for sculpting soon!
NEVERMINDS #4 - Working on now! (The last page reveal from issue #3 is going to be trumped by this issue’s secret!)
SENTINELS ANTHOLOGY #2 – Halfway completed! Wait until I... start showing previews! Amazing talent involved and the 3rd Generation SENTINELS return in an unexpected way.
There are a few other things, but more on them later!

Conventions (with Jamie Fay):
MEGACON (Florida) – March 15-17 (along with Danielle Alexis St. Pierre!)
BOSTON COMICON – April 20-21
WIZARD WORLD PHILLY – May 30,31, June 1-2
HEROES CON (North Carolina) – June 7-9
BALTIMORE – September 7-8
PITTSBURGH - September 27-29
NYCC - ?????
And just to remind people, if you’re thinking about getting a commission from one of us at the show, write us early and we can do it before the actual convention. There is always less rush that way. And if you’re getting something from me, I charge less when I do commissions at home.

Happy New Year to all and best for 2013!!

Rich B.

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