Thursday, January 31, 2013


So, usually at comic conventions I have a couple of sketch books and I have artists draw some of the different Drumfish Productions characters in them. I really enjoy seeing all the different takes on characters and the amazing styles that each artist has. But having sketches in a book doesn't really enable me to display the art in there. So, even though I plan to continue getting sketches in my sketch books, I designed a bunch of large art boards with squares on them that I plan to have friends and different artists who's work I admire draw on them. Of course, I had to get Jamie Fay and Luciano Vecchio be the first to draw on these! Both of them drew three character each; one from SENTINELS, one from NEVERMINDS and one other character that I don't want to show until we are close to printing the 2nd SENTINELS Anthology. Luciano drew Templar from SENTINELS and Samanya from NEVERMINDS. I found this interesting because it's very clear that Templar is the leader of SENTINELS, but I never told Luciano that Samanya is the leader of the NEVERMINDS team when they are out on the field. But he ended up drawing both leaders (and maybe a third, lol, tease). And on the flip side, Jamie Fay drew Alanis from NEVERMINDS and Gospel from SENTINELS. I thought this was interesting too because Jamie drew both of the sensitive and intuitive characters from each book (and the third character he drew fits right in that theme too!). I'm proud to be working with such great artists and friends and I hope to keep posting pictures from this side-project until it's complete and I can show the entire thing. The scans do not do them justice. And just know that these are small in size, about 3" x 3". Here are the first four squares on the boards! Thanks again Luciano and Jamie!

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