Friday, February 22, 2013


I'll be a Megacon in Florida from March 15-17 (in Artist Alley at table "purple 18") along with the NEVERMINDS crew and I wanted to post this message about the Drumfish Productions figurines. Unfortunately, because of us traveling so far for the show and having so much merchandise to bring, we have decided not to bring the figurines to the show unless they are for someone that has pre-ordered them. We want to make them available to everyone and hope this note will serve as a reminder for anyone who still wants to order any or all of the four figurines we have out (Alanis and Samanya from NEVERMINDS and Firebomb and Templar from SENTINELS). If you plan to go to Megacon and want us to bring one or all of the figurines, please message us on here! Thanks!!

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