Thursday, August 7, 2014


As we prepare to finish the second SENTINELS Anthology, I wanted to start sharing some of the amazing work that all of the creators have done for the book!
We have over thirty talented writers and artists from all over the world involved in this and we’re honored to be working with them. I plan to spotlight and talk about each of them and their contribution to the second SENTINELS Anthology over the course of the next months.
First up is SASHA GLADYSH!
Sasha Gladysh is from Izhevsk, Udmurtia (Russian Federation) where she used to be a designer and newspaper illustrator. Over the last few years though, Sasha has been doing mostly freelance work on independent comics and webcomics, doing illustrations for books and video games and also working in animation. Obviously, I’ve been a fan of her work on deviantArt for a long time now. What first caught my eye about Sasha’s work was the way she draws faces. They’re very expressive and emotional. She has the ability to capture a mood perfectly with her clean and precise lines. Add to that the way Sasha colors and I believe it’s a very powerful combo!
Teaming up the right artist with the right story is often difficult. But it’s also something I put a lot of thought into. So, when I received Jeff Streeter’s story for Agent Huggins, I knew Sasha was the perfect artist to bring his words to life. Agent Huggins is an important character to me (she was based on a real person who had passed) and Sasha did not disappoint in her strong, determined and vulnerable rendition of the character.
As one half of the first creative team to complete their story, Sasha and I hadn’t spoken for a while since her work was long done. But with the book almost complete, we’ve been in communication again and I excited to have been shown what Sasha is working on now! She told me I could share this, so I hope people will check it out, but Sasha is working on her own animated film! Seriously, she’s drawing a movie!! I wish I had that kind of dedication and ambition. It blows me away to think of all the work she is doing for it and it looks amazing! But please don’t take my word for it, check out her blog ( ) to see character designs (which are so detailed and unique!) and short animated clips. I can’t wait to see the film complete!

Please check out more of Sasha’s work on her deviantArt page at

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