Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Just because I haven't posted much about NEVERMINDS on here, doesn't mean we're not working on it. We're working hard on it actually. With the SENTINELS Anthology all wrapped up and being printed, I've switched my focus solely on NEVERMINDS.

The concept of NEVERMINDS has changed a bit since Jamie Fay and I first started. And I think it's a good thing we took so long to work out the bugs. Originally, I just knew that I didn't want to do another superhero book, I wanted this book to be different. And I think that thought was blocking me a bit. Now though, it has it's own focus and story and it's unique.

Jamie is really doing some incredible art on this and I hope to post some previews soon. As people will see with his Firebomb story in the Anthology, he's grown a lot.

I'm still not sure on the actual page count of the book, but it'll be close to 100 pages or so. We're also hoping to do this book in color, depending on how the response to the Anthology is.

The picture with this post is one of the first promo pieces Jamie did a while back. I still love it and surpringly, it still expresses what we're doing with Neverminds even with the changes we made.

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