Friday, February 29, 2008


We got accepted into Diamond's Preview Magazine for next month! I was a little worried because I had heard (after the book was sent to the printers) that Diamond doesn't like the word "anthology" in comics and are less likely to pick something up that is an anthology. It turns out this isn't true and Diamond approved us no problem.
Now it's on to the promotional end for the SENTINELS Anthology. Start spreading the word that the book will be solicited in next months Diamond Previews! We need all the help we can get. We'll also be spotlighted soon on Newsarama and hopefully some other sites. I did a very cool podcast on Comic Geek Speak with Andrew Charipar (artist for Serpenta's story in the Anthology) which should be up soon.

The art attached with this post is the ad that will appear in Diamond Previews next month and the design/layout of the ad was done by Jamie Fay. (Thanks again, Jamie).

Still recovering here from my work shift being switched from nights to days. I'm loving seeing the daylight, lol. More soon!


Andrew Charipar said...


Anonymous said...

So Jamie drew all the third generations at the bottom of the page as well?

Bob Eddy

Rich B. said...

No, sorry for the confusion. All I meant is Jamie designed the ad. Sorry about that. The third Gen was drawn by Luciano.

Noel said...

WOW!!! My name in print in Diamond. :o)
Your my Superhero Rich. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rich B. said...

lol, I should be thanking you for doing Splash's story, Noel. Not the other way around. Glad you like the ad though. :)