Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Somedays it seems like self-publishing can be a real downer. The whole struggle to get attention and try to promote yourself can be tiring. Believe me, I experience it all the time. It can be exhausting. But then it's the seemingly little things that can cheer you up.

I wrote a few months ago about donating comics to our troops overseas and I just heard back from a friend (Dominque Sumner) over there that the books I sent were well received. Kind of made my day to know that they appreciated them.

I sent a box of SENTINELS trades along with an assortment of comics that NEVERMINDS artist Jamie Fay donated to the troops overseas and I was surprised by how easy it was. Not to mention fast. I hope that others will also donate. It doesn't cost that much and it's truly appreciated by the men and women over there who are just doing their job.

The above pictures were sent via Dominque Sumner. Thanks for sending them, Dom. Dominque has always been a big supporter of SENITNELS and it was a pleasure to return the favor of support to him. Get back safe and soon guys.

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jamie said...

WOW! that was really fast. i'm so glad i could help out some.