Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today Newsarama ran another story [link]about Diamonds new policy and quoted me. That was a bit of a shock. Self-publishing can be tough and sometimes just hearing someone say something nice or even mentioning you can be very rewarding. It'd be great to get recognized for some awards or something, but I'm not good at kissing up or being fake. This kind of recognition feels better though and makes me feel like I did something right. I've helped a lot of Indie people get attention and introduced them to lots of my connections. Sometimes they turn their back on you and never pay it forward, but sometimes your hard work gets noticed and you realize you've made some impact. Back in December 2003 Drumfish's first SENTINELS book came out. At the time, to the best of my knowledge, I was the first person self-publishing straight to trade. And it turned out to be the best thing I could have done. I always encouraged others to go that route and it seems now that might be the only way for the Indie publisher to survive. It's not easy, but I still think you can succeed. Anyone looking to self-publish and has questions, don't hesitate to write and ask any questions you might have.


Jamie said...

i'm proud of you, dude!! the things i respect about you the most are you don't kiss up( you want to be noticed for your talent, not how much ass you kiss) and that you stand up for your friends. i see you doing both of them in your post about what diamond is doing! i appreciate it and i know others do too.

way to go and congrats on the quote!!

Ryan McLelland said...

Who really wants to publish comic books anyway???!?!!? This all really sucks...but at least the projects I have upcoming this year are either trades...or just single issues I'm doing through KaBlam to sell via the website or something.

But then again...I've never ever done any of this for the money...just for the love! :)

Rich B. said...

It's all about the love, Ry, lol. Why else would any of us be doing this?