Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've been selling more and more art at conventions since I started drawing again and did the "sketch a day" project last year. In fact, I've sold over 2/3 of those sketches I did at conventions. Crazy, huh? But one of the weird things was that not many of the half page headshots I did sold. I was surprised because I think most of them are better than some of the full page ones. So, I decided to color some of those old headshots, along the lines of the sketchcards I've been doing. I think they look a lot better now and plan to sell them for $10 at conventions. I even did a few new ones and plan to do more as this size works well for me. Here are three new ones I did (Emma Frost, X-23 and Superboy) along with a sample of some of the old ones I colored using Prismacolor marker (gotta love them, lol).


Jamie said...

wow. these turned out really great!! i espeically like the x-men ones lol

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Jamie. I'm having a blast with the Prismacolor markers, lol. They're fun to work with.