Friday, June 18, 2010


Last weekend was the 2010 Wizard World Philly Comic Con. I'm really behind in writing about it here on the blog, but I'm actually still a little exhausted from it, lol. It was super busy! Really, I was shocked by the turn out and the business we did. I have to be honest and say that I wasn't having the best expectations about this convention. For some reason, this year, communication between Wizard and the artists in artists alley was really bad. So bad that I went to the Con thinking that this would be the last time I do it. Others told me the same thing. That would be a shame because I really love Philadelphia. It's my "hometown" as I grew up near there and went to Temple's Tyler School of Art there. But once the convention started, it was amazing. There were so many people there and they were buying a lot. Saturday was so busy that they made an announcement and actually extended the convention hours. I've never been to a convention where they've done that. It was great for business, but totally draining as everyone had very little sleep. But it just goes to show how awesome the people of Philadelphia are. It's not called the city of brother love for nothing, lol. They treated us comic guys good. :)
I had a table in a pretty great location next to Jamie Fay and right behind was Rey Arzeno and Lauren Perry. The four of us travel to Philly together so it was luck that we were so close. Jamie and Rey filled up their commission lists first thing on Friday and I don't think either of them left their seats once, lol. We also got the chance to see a lot of friends and fans, old and new, and it reminded me why I like this convention so much. The whole weekend was a blur of talking, selling and promoting. It was great. I sold out of a lot the SENTINELS books and all the Sketchbooks I brought and sold lots of sketches. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi and supported us. I'll be posting more art and stuff from the Con soon!
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