Thursday, December 9, 2010


This sketch of Rapture was done at the NYC Comicon by Antonio Bifulco. Antonio was sitting one table down from me at the convention and I really liked how detailed his art was. He has a nice realistic style and toning to his figures. I didn't see Antonio doing many sketches at the Con, which was really odd considering that his prices were very reasonable and his work was so good. But, you never know how you'll do at conventions, you might be crazy busy at one and totally dead at another. Antonio had travelled all the way from Italy to attend the NYC Comicon and then went on to the New England Wizard Con. I hope the Wizard Con went well for him because he's a super nice guy and really puts a lot of work into his commissions. Please check out more of Antonio's work at .


Philip Clark said...

That is fantastic

Rich B. said...

Yeah, Antonio is super talented. I think he's draw a hot Blu from Quantum too!