Thursday, December 23, 2010


I didn't get done as many as I wanted, but here are a few Indie character headshots I did for friends for Christmas gifts. I haven't finished all the ones I planned, but I'll get to them this week I hope. They might be sent a little late to people, but the holidays rushed in on me this year! The characters below are: Indigo from Spandex by Martin Eden, Ricky 17 from Tales from the Cornerstone by Andrew Charipar, Nashya from Breakers by Noel Short and Andrew Reaves and finally, two of the main characters from Cruel Thing by Luciano Vecchio and Lean. I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

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Noel said...

I love ALL of these,
The Nashya you did for me, and My new Kindle were my most favorite Xmas gifts! Thank you!!!