Monday, December 6, 2010


Here's another of the sketches I got at NYC Comicon. I was actually kind of disappointed in this one and meeting the artist. I've always been a big fan of this artist and when I meet them, they were very cold. I think at one point they even made a face when I said hello. Very odd. Now I know everyone has a bad day and can have things going on, but at a convention, I think it's best to stay positive and be friendly with people. Especially people who might be your fans. Anyway, it's not often I spend extra money on a sketch, most are free, trades or cheaper than the big names, but with this artist, I really wanted to get something from them, so I decided to spend the extra cash. If you've seen this artist's portraits, you might know how beautiful their work is, so I gave them the choice of drawing any of the SENTINELS characters and felt a little riped off that they drew the one with a full face mask. I guess it was my fault for not being specific, but I did tell them I loved her portraits and thought they drew beautifully realistic faces and had always wanted a sketch from them. I figured that made it clear I wanted them to do a portrait. But, it really was my fault for not just saying "draw character X". But I think what made me feel so negative about this all was the artist's attitude. I hate that they made me feel like I was bothering them when I first asked for a sketch and I hate even more that I feel they took the shortcut and did a sketch that was not up to their normal standards. Out of fairness, lol, I'm not naming this artist. It's still not a bad sketch, but totally not worth the high price I paid for it and the negative attitude I got.


Philip Clark said...

I love Cafu's art. Breaks my heart to hear your experience wasn't as positive as it should have been.

Rich B. said...

Hey Philip, the artist wasn't Cafu. I know the signature might look like that, but it's not. So, no worries. And yeah, it sucks the way artists are sometimes, but I hope to actually run into this person again sometime and have a better experience. From what I hear, my experience was a rarity.