Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm way behind in posting some of the awesome art I got at conventions this year. So, I'm posting a few with this blog post. First off, we have Samanya from NEVERMINDS by Chris Vance. I posted another great sketch I got from Chris a while back of Serpenta from SENTINELS. I got both of these commissions from Chris at the 2011 Pittsburgh Comicon. I really loved Chris's style and couldn't believe how fast he was. Check out more of Chris's work here.

These next three artists are friends of mine and the next two did their sketches at the 2011 Baltimore Comicon. The first is Ziggy Blumenthal, who did this sketch of the Coil from the 1st Generation of SENTINELS. Everytime Ziggy does a sketch for me, he does a SENTINELS character on some sort of playground ride, lol. I really love his theme and think it's very funny and different. There is no telling what he'll do! Check out more of Ziggy's work at http://www.fakemccoy.com/ .

The second is Eric Guerrero, who drew Electron from SENTINELS. I have loved watching Eric's style change and grow. Each sketch I get from him is better than the next. He's really developed into a great artist. This sketch was part of a sketch trade, as Eric asked me to draw his character in exchange for doing this.

And last, but certainly not least, here is a colored version of the awesome sketch of Samanya from NEVERMINDS that Andrew Charipar drew a short while back. This sketch was colored by Armand Strange. Excellent work in my opinion! Check out more of Andrew's work here and Armand's work here.

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Eric Guerrero said...

Hehe I'm a fan of Ziggy's playground series! And Samanya looks bad ass!