Monday, September 12, 2011


This sketch of Prophet, from SENTINELS, was drawn by Dave Ryan at the 2011 Wizard World Philly Con. I've known Dave for a long time now, but had never had the chance to get a sketch from him. Dave is the mastermind behind the massive independent cross-over, War of the Independent. The series mixes many different genres and characters, Bone, Madman, the Maxx, Cry for Dawn, the Tick, Shi, Cerebus, Gumby, the Pro, Badger, Faust, Zot and many, many more are all featured. Templar from SENTINELS is Drumfish Production's representation in the series. And even though he hasn't appear yet (except in the big two page spread from issue #1), I've been promised he will appear. There are big time independent characters there as well as lesser known ones, so it makes this series even greater for all independent creators out there that are involved. In addition to organizing all this and writing it, Dave is also the main artist on the series. Does he ever sleep? lol. As you can see in the sketch he did for me (for free even!) and from his two page spread I'm reposting now, Dave is an excellent artist. I look forward to seeing issue #2 of the series which should be out soon.
Check out the War of the Independent Facebook page here!

Also, check out the Templar trading card that we did for the trading card set they released. I posted it a while back, but it's worth a second look! :)

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