Thursday, May 24, 2012


This week's character for Illustrious Bits is the X-Men's time-traveling alternative future daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, Rachel Summers Grey. I always found this character very interesting. She was one of the best written character in the hands of Chris Claremont and even took over the mantle of Phoenix for a time. But after Claremont left, it seemed like many writers didn't know what to do with her. So, lol, of course they added to her time-traveling confusion and made her go into the way future and be a protector of her sort-of-brother, Cable. I'm not even going to try to explain it. But it's total comic book soap opera wackiness at it's best. She's been back in the present for a while now and I haven't followed her story too much, but I hear that their isn't much of a story for her at the moment. I decided to do this quick sketch of her in one of my favorite looks that she had. Lol, even though she had a semi-mullet! Gotta love the spiked costume!

Rachel Grey (c) Marvel Comics

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