Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I had a very good time at the WildPig Comicon this weekend. It was a small show (Sat/Sun only) and Sunday was VERY slow, but hanging with good people and friends made it great! I especially want to thank Dan Nguyen for helping Jamie Fay and I out majorly by providing auto-transportation for myself and Jamie. Thanks again, Dan!! We owe you! I also want to thank Michelle Sciuto for an awesome art tr...ade, Ayla and Andrew Charipar for just being them (and for the beautiful sketch by Ayla!) and Adam Murdough for chatting with us for so long.

This Con was also great because my cousin, Drew Sine, his wife- Alaine Sine and their kids (Alex and Gordon) stopped by. It was great to see them at the convention and I hope they had fun. Both Alex and Gordon gave me a gift. Gordon gave me a very cool picture of his the 3rd Gen Sentinels as dogs and Alex turned me into a superhero (named Sketch) and her as my sidekick (Doodle!). I really loved both gifts and thanked Alex especially since she drew me much younger looking, thinner and with nice dark hair (without hair loss and graying, lol).

Both Jamie Fay and I sold a bunch of prints and comics at the show (mostly Saturday though) and I did one commssion. I was also able to support a few artists and get some art and/or comics from them.

I also wanted to give a shout to Dan Sehn, Erica Hesse, Bill Ellis, Amy E. Chace, Simon Huynh, Moninder Kahai, Paul Benincasa and everyone else we had the chance to interact with. It was good seeing you all.

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