Friday, May 18, 2012


Jamie Fay and Danielle Alexis St. Pierre (the amazing art team on Drumfish Productions' NEVERMINDS) were asked to contribute to the New York Times GLBT & Aliies Network's Gay Pride Celebration.
There will be 10 posters on display for the month of June in the buildings cafeteria. Each poster will show a variety of categories like Entertainers, Trendsetters, Politicians, and Power Duos to name a few. For the first time, Comicbook Characters will be added to the mix. Jamie and Danielle said that they were honored to have been asked to participate and provide their art.
Each poster will have a list of at least 5 people in each category who has made an impact on the GLBT community. The comic board ranges from mainstream to indie comics, a range of the community and all honored for their achievements:
Karma - One of the first openly Lesbian mainstream comicbook characters and for being a mentor/teacher to a new generation.
Phazer - Critically acclaimed Gay indie character praised on how well the character was written and for being an adoptive father/mentor for a group of kids who lost their parents.
Mystique - Iconic Bisexual character in mainstream comics. She is known by many, including people who don't read comics.
Northstar - First openly Gay superhero in mainstream comics.
Batwoman - First openly Lesbian character to have a critically acclaimed on-going series and the first GLBT character to wear an iconic mantle.
These characters were chosen and Jamie and Danielle were happy to draw/color them. They were already asked if we would like to participate next year and after seeing the first few of these, they were asked to contribute to 2 other boards this year. Still to come, they are drawing Shatterstar and Rictor for the Power Duo board (both bisexual men in a gay relationship) and Solstice from Teen Titans for the board focusing on Allies to the GLBT community.
Jamie and Danielle also wanted to make these characters combine by using the background.
I'm honored that Jamie and Danielle summitted Phazer into the mix and that the GLBT at the NY Times decided to pick him to showcase positive role models within the GLBT community. Of all the characters in SENTINELS, Phazer was always the voice of reason and the most grounded of the team. His being gay was treated just as a matter of fact. One of the important things for me about SENTINELS was that we had a VERY diverse team and each were treated equally. We (Luciano and I) wanted our book to represent the readers that we saw out there, whatever their sex, race, sexuality, age or anything was. It's nice to know it was noticed.  :)

Karma, Mystique and Northstar (c) Marvel Comics
Phazer (c) Drumfish Productions
Batwoman (c) DC Comics


Philip Clark said...

Karma's gay? When did that happen?

Rich B. said...

I'm not sure exactly when Karma started to like the ladies, but it was sometime during the 90s. :)