Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Below are a bunch of the commissions I did while at the 2013 Wizard World Philly Con and HeroesCon. Philly was INSANE and people had me drawing constantly. So much so, that I stopped Sunday because I was exhausted. I did 14 sketches in 2 days (I had to focus on only selling books on third day!). HeroesCon was the complete opposite though and we had a horrible table location. So much so, that people didn't even come over to our area and turned away from us before they even got to us because we had a completely empty table row across from us and we were missing people on both tables on the sides next to us. It looked like nobody was down in our area, so people never walked to us. Sad. We met some great people though and appreciate the few who sought us out! They made it worth the trip.

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