Friday, July 26, 2013


Here is the final version of Splash from Drumfish Productions third set of figurines! Splash is from our series, SENTINELS, and was designed by Luciano Vecchio. The figure is 6" high and sits within a water sprout stand that features BoBo from the 3rd Generation SENTINELS on the back! The figurine is hand painted and also comes with a stand, which has the company logo and character name on the bottom of the stand. This is a very limited edition figurine and anyone interested in buying Splash (or any of our other figurines, Alanis Munroe, Firebomb, Nina, Samanya and Templar) please contact us asap! 
The price of each figurine is $40.

Splash and SENTINELS (c) Drumfish Prouctions 

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