Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Here is the final version of our Nina figurine from the third set of figurines from Drumfish Productions. Nina is the third main member of the NEVERMINDS team and was designed by series artist, Jamie Fay. Nina has the ability to teleport and we think the folks at Gensen Figure (who manufactured the figurines) did an excellent job portraying her powers by having her feet disappear as if she was teleporting away. 
The figurine stands 6" high and is hand painted. It comes with a stand, which has the company logo and character name on the bottom of the stand. This is a very limited edition figurine and anyone interested in buying Nina (or any of our other figurines, Alanis Munroe, Firebomb, Samanya, Splash and/or Templar) please contact us asap. The price of each figurine is $40.

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