Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Holly Mongi is an amazing artist who’s work I originally saw at the first NYCC Anime Show over 5 years ago. I was immediately impressed by the beautiful watercolor technique Holly used on her art. I’ve never been an artist who was able to grasp watercolors very well. I’m just not good at it. But when you see Holly’s work, she makes it look so easy! Her work stood out from everyone else’s at the show. It also helps that Holly has an animation background and her character drawings are so fluid and full of movement. I can’t say enough great things about Holly or her work! Over the years, I’ve been lucky to get some excellent commissions from her in my sketchbook. That’s why, when we began working on the second SENTINELS Anthology, I made sure to get her involved!
Holly drew Electro-Cute’s story in the Anthology and found a very creative work to work a lot into just one page. The story is touching in a way I didn’t expect and Holly’s sensitive art style makes it all the more special. Written by Todd Latoski, Electro-Cute’s story is another great example of what two creators can do when they collaborate so well!

Did I mention how insanely busy Holly is?  Not only does she work as a lead animator at an educational video game company, but she also has her own graphic novel, Aviary, that she is working on! I love the story so far and hope people check it out at . But the biggest project Holly has right now is as a proud new Mom to a beautiful baby!

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