Saturday, October 17, 2015


I've been friends with Todd Latoski for a number of years now and it's been a pleasure reading his work during that time. He's also been a big help to me every year I attend Megacon in Florida. 
Todd is one of the few returning creators from the first SENTINELS Anthology that contributed to this second one. For the first Anthology, Todd wrote a great story about Electron and how he discovered his powers. So, I thought it was only fitting that he would write Electron's sister, Elena's story for this new one. Todd was one of the first creators to get their work completed and I loved the idea he came up for Electro-Cute. It was perfectly in character and fits into the larger story in the book where we see Elena as an adult. Illustrated by the amazing Holly Mongi, I think the story is touching and shows a softer side of a character that's usually portrayed as tough. But that's no surprise to me, because I've always been a fan of Todd's writing. In fact, I've very excited to read the printed version of his first original graphic novel, which he hopes to have out soon! It will be just the first in a series of children's mystery stories that I know people will love! Todd has been working on the book for a while now and speaking from experience, I know how hard it can be to get your first project out there, so I can't wait for him to start sharing the book in previews for the public!

When he's not writing his mystery novels, serving as the editor of Sleuth magazine, or writing reviews and reporting on Megacon, Todd can be found acting! Over the last few years, Todd has gone from few line character roles, to being the lead in some productions! Congratulations, Todd! I hope to catch one of his shows next time I'm in Florida for Megacon.

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