Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I met Josh a few years ago and was immediately impressed with his work and love of comics. Josh (Rogan Josh) is an incredible artist whose style is unlike any other comic work I’ve seen before.  Using what he has coined as “modHero” style, his work is very graphic and designed with extreme consideration to positioning and color. His figures, backgrounds and symbols are bold and pull you into his work immediately.  His work has been featured in many galleries and most recently at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.
After that initial meeting, Josh read the entire SENTINELS series and told me he really enjoyed it! At the time, I wasn’t really planning on doing another Anthology (just yet), but Josh asked that if I ever did another one, he could be involved. I was curious and asked what he’d be interested in doing and Josh said he already had an idea for a story for Phazer! I was sold on the idea very quickly and with that, Josh kicked off the beginning of the second SENTINELS Anthology! 
Josh’s story for Phazer really captures the character. It was important to me that someone who cares about the character and understands him spotlighted Phazer. Phazer has a lot of supporters and represents the LGBT community in a positive way since he was introduced over 10 years ago. He’s also a role model for the 3rd generation SENTINELS. As the co-founder for GeeksOut, a nonprofit organization that represent the queer geek community, I knew Josh would do an amazing job on Phazer’s story and handle him perfectly.
Josh’s story for Phazer is also significant because he did all of the writing and art for the story himself! And you won’t believe it once you see his work, but this is Josh’s first sequential comic story ever! And to say he hit the ball out of the park is an understatement. Josh went above and beyond for this story and I can see this is just the beginning of his sequential work (at least I hope so!). 
I’m proud to have Josh involved in the SENTINELS Anthology and I hope everyone reading this will check out more of Josh’s work at www.modhero.com and order the second SENTINELS Anthology at: http://www.freewebstore.org/DrumfishProductions/SENTINELS__ANTHOLOGY_2/p1777237_14809770.aspx

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