Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It's that time of year again and since our Holiday Sale went pretty well last year, we decided to do it again! We plan to offer some different deals this time around, starting with this special NEVERMINDS offer!

This limited supply offer features all three figurines designed by Jamie Fay of the main NEVERMINDS ladies; Alanis, Nina and Samanya. AS well as the four issues of NEVERMINDS that have been released so far. The figurines are usually $40 each and the comics are $5 each ($20 for all four). That's a total of $140! But, we have set aside ten sets that we are offering for ONLY $100! That's a $40 savings! 
Don't miss out on this amazing deal! Once they go, that's it!

Check back for future Holiday Sale announcements!

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