Thursday, November 5, 2015


Since he was able to talk, my nephew, Nicholas Lynch, has had a gift for storytelling. Of course, most of stories back then were made up and he used them to get out of trouble! But, he developed a quick wit and great sense of humor that would make you laugh even though you know you shouldn’t be.
When he was just 12 he wrote one of my favorite books I’ve ever been given. It was a Christmas gift to me and was about my new puppy, Harlee, who was only a few months old, and how she spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family causing all kinds of chaos. Nick used that truth to create a story about all the adventures she had during that time. It was hilarious! I really loved it and was completely impressed by how talented a writer he was. And I’m honestly saying that because I laughed out loud reading what he wrote. I’m super proud of him and what a great person he has grown to become.
When it came time to gather creators for the second SENTINELS Anthology, there was no doubt that I wanted to have Nicholas write something. And who better for him to write than the SENTINELS resident smartass, KickBack! Fitting, huh? lol. I teamed him with artist, Joman Mercado and they created one of my favorite 3rd Gen character stories that I hope readers will find as perfect for the character as I do!

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