Thursday, November 12, 2015


Joman Mercado is an amazing artist who’s work I first saw when he entered the second Drumfish Productions Art Contest on DeviantArt. A resident of the Phillippines, Joman won second place in the contest with his interpretation of Firebomb and Phazer from SENTINELS.
I was extremely impressed with Joman’s illustration style. His linework is super clean and precise. His choice of colors always compliments the subject he’s drawing and his coloring technique is very painterly and original! I knew right away that I wanted to collaborate with him one day. We were working on the second SENTINELS Anthology around this time and I was happy when Joman agreed to work on Kickback’s story for the book.
Of all the third generation SENTINELS stories, Kickback’s has the most panels on one page. (Sorry about that, Joman!) But being the professional he is, you would never hear Joman complain. He simple delivered an amazing looking page with everything exactly on there as it was asked. In addition to that, Joman really captured Kickback’s personality and look. He draws younger characters great!
I’m still hoping to one day Joman and I work on a story together, but for now, I think everyone will agree that he knocked it out of the park with his artwork for Nicholas Lynch’s story! Please check out more of Joman’s work at

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