Sunday, March 2, 2008


This week the SENTINELS Anthology will premiere at the Florida MEGACON on March 7-9! I'm really excited for this convention. I've never attended this one before and hope it's going to be as good as everyone says. Three of the creators involved in the Anthology will be there; Jamie Fay, Todd Latoski and Andrew Charipar. I'll be selling all four SENTINELS books and the Anthology. Jamie and I will also have previews of NEVERMINDS. Jamie and Andrew will be doing sketches and Andrew will have TALES FROM THE CORNERSTONE with him at his table. It's going to be a blast! Stop by and say hello.



Hi Rich, I am so very happy and grateful you took time to speak with me at the Megacon. I was *choked* up because I was very excited to meet you. I really have enjoyed my sentinels books for the past several years, and I just got home and I can't wait to read my anthology book, Thank you again. Phehaps I can post the pictures I took or send them to you,
Charlie in Wilton Manors, Florida



Rich B. said...

Hey Charlie!
It was great meeting you and was a lot of fun talking to you too. I really appreciated hearing how much you've enjoyed Sentinels. It means a lot to know that our work has been meaningful. We don't often get to hear how we've affected readers. :)
I checked out the pictures you took. Thanks for posting them. (even though I have the mouth open thing going on in one and a crazy eye look in another, lol). I hope to use them in a future post on the blog here.
I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the Anthology!
Thanks again for all the support.