Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wow! Day 2 of the New York Comic Con was crazy. It had to have been one of the most crowded cons I've been to and the biggest outside of San Diego. We had a steady flow of people stopping by the Drumfish table and sold a lot of books. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and gave SENTINELS a try.

Jamie Fay was super busy doing commissions today and already has 4 lined up for Sunday. This year he's added color to his sketches and they really look amazing.

Like I said, the con is so big this year I haven't even seen it all yet. Hopefully, Sunday I'll have a chance to do a little shopping. :)

After the con, we went to the Indy After Party for a bit. Although I am no longer part of running the party, I wanted to stop by and show my support. The party was packed and everyone seemed to have a good time. Great job guys!

Finally, here a pic of the team helping me at the con. Noel, Jamie and (this time we got a picture of her!) Leonor. Thanks to the three of them for all their help.

More tomorrow!


leo said...

great con boys!

rich - the t-shirts were great!! at least now people could pretend to have valid reason for staring at my chest!

jamie said...

lol it was a great con!

Dan Nguyen said...

hey i dont know if you remember who i am, but im the guy who got the phoenix sketch from ya. I just want to say thanks again for the sketch. everyone who i shown it to was blown away by it. its too bad you guys arent going to be at Wizard World Philly(i didnt see drumfish or jamie's name on artist alley list). I hope one day i can commision a work from ya with a crazy idea lol. But thanks again, i hope the book comes out great. im definitley going to add to my subscriptions. thanks again!

Rich B. said...

LOL, Glad you liked the T-Shirts, Leonor!
Good to hear from you, Dan. I'm really glad you liked the sketch Jamie did for you. As for Wizard World Philly, I really have to look at my schedule and see which Con I can do next. It's always hard to get off from work for conventions, but I'll definitely try!

Noel said...

Gooooo Team!!!
Thanks so much for that very awesome experience.
I wish i could go with you guys next week :o(
Jamie it was great to see you at work. You blew me away... as usual. I still want that Gundred sketch from you